What's a

A creative company that builds brands using technology. We believe you
can build better brands that way, faster and cheaper.

The needs of our clients have shaped us. So we’re a third-wave creative business
that understands traditional marketing and technology in equal measure.

We love brands and we love business. And we grow both from our unrivalled position
at the heart of the global brandtech group, You & Mr Jones.


The consumer is dead to us. We’re all about people. We build positive ideas, behaviours
and experiences for people, to add value to their lives through great marketing effect.

Technology has changed everything. It’s become an integral part of how we all live.
This doesn’t mean that, at Blood, we’re slaves to tech. We just like what it can do.

We build people-centred brands using technology. And we do it in collaboration
with trusted partners who make us brilliant at data, content, media and social business.


The faster we solve a problem for our clients, the faster they can stop spending their money on us
and make it count on production. So we’re designed for speed.

To be quick and smart, we hire brilliant, multi-talented people, put them in a room together
and give them responsibility for solving the problem at hand.

Collaboration is our strength. Inside Blood we run carefully curated teams but we also insist
on working closely with our clients, to speed up process and drive innovation.


As a people-driven business, to charge head-hours for what we do makes no sense to us.
So we offer a range of fixed-price products, called Accelerators, instead.

To avoid politics and inefficiency, Blood has no departments. The people we like to employ are good
at more than one thing. They don’t fit a traditional structure. So there’s no point in us having one.

This means that we actively hire hybrids, brilliant people who we motivate with a flat structure,
tough problems to solve and a sense of fun and purpose in everything that they do.



We believe that you can build better brands, faster and cheaper using technology; brands that
people want in their lives. And our mission at Blood is to be the most human, most advanced, most successful
brand-building company around.

Map of Blood New York
Map of Blood London